Access Strategy Building

Access Strategy Building

Effective Market Access Strategy positively impacts the product lifecycle continuum

Proprietary Value Platforms

MVAP™: Allows clients to cost-effectively prioritize and optimize
Phase II product value

EMAP™: Generates evidence generation strategies customized to
key Payer archetypes

Value Optimizing Evidence Generation

Retrospective chart review studies

Cross sectional surveys

SLR / Targeted reviews

Landscape / Analog Assessments

Proprietary Value Platforms

MVAP™: MKTXS Value Assessment Platform

Proprietary clinical and commercial value assessment tool which quantifies product(s) value based on published literature and internal intelligence, to help manufacturers assess the clinical and commercial opportunity within/across indications, or across assets.

EMAP™: MKTXS Evidence Mapping Platform

Assess and characterize published and unpublished internal and external evidence to create evidence generation and value proposition strategies customized to key Payer and physician archetypes.

EMAP™: MKTXS Evidence Mapping Platform

Our goal is to evaluate disease epidemiology and build and demonstrate product value proposition enabling our clients to defend their product positioning and gain optimal access.

  • Generate disease specific messages
  • Product differentiation strategies
  • Highlight unmet needs
  • Identifying key value driver

Retrospective Chart Review Studies

  • We leverage online physician/HCP panels (>1.5 million HCPs from 20+ countries), with established contracts and negotiated remun
  • Our immediate access enables electronic data collection within 6-12 weeks, allowing us to meet your urgent deadlines
  • We are able to capture patient history from patient medical charts; we collect longitudinal data encompassing demographics, disease diagnoses, clinical characteristics, treatments, outcomes (incl. physician global assessments), AEs, HRUs, reasons for treatment start/stop, etc

Cross-sectional Surveys

  • We leverage online patient/consumer panels (>16 million) & HCP panels (>1.5 million) as well as 3,000+ Payers and key influencers from 20+ countries, with established remuneration rates
  • Our immediate access enables electronic data collection within 6-12 weeks
  • From patients/caregivers: Attitudes, treatments (incl. OTC use), PROs/HRQoL, out-of-pocket costs, WTP
  • From HCPs: Attitudes/behaviors, drivers/barriers, unmet needs, use of quality care metrics, treatment patterns
  • From Payers and key influencers: Access landscape, restrictions, drivers, unmet need

SLR / Targeted Review

  • How to understand the disease area / segment thoroughly?
  • How to identify the unmet needs in a therapeutic area?
  • How to explore gaps in the literature for further research?
  • How can we add knowledge to the existing pool of literature?
  • How to gathering data points for economic models?

MKTXS Approach

  • Systematic Literature Review
  • Targeted Literature Review
  • Classical/ Network Meta-Analyses
  • Indirect Treatment Comparison
  • Meta-Regression
  • Qualitative Reviews
    • Burden of Illness Review
    • Health Economics Review
    • Cost Utilization Review

Landscape Assessment

We have expertise conducting a thorough investigation of disease areas across global markets by reviewing clinical differentiators, economic/ HTA value drivers, and future expectations

Analog Assessment

MKTXS adapts a Harvard Business Review methodology to develop custom recommendations for key unanswered market access concerns faced by our clients. The process involves scanning the healthcare industry to identify a mosaic of products that have faced some, or multiple similar challenges, conducting an in-depth parallel investigation into business issues, and creating insights to proactively mitigate or reactively defend the market access, pricing, and reimbursement potential for our client’s assets.

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