P&R Strategy

P&R Strategy

CARVE™: Continued Access Reinforced by Value Evidence Global Pricing Strategy Development Reimbursement and Payer Pathway Mapping

CARVE™: Continued Access Reinforced by Value Evidence

Proprietary strategic platform developed to address the increasing Payer needs for evidence based access (such as pay for performance, outcomes based contracting), and provides contracting strategies to optimize or maintain access

  • CARVE™ generates real world evidence to support product’s clinical and/or economic benefits to enhance value / support price
  • A Platform which assesses existing Payer value drivers and needs, product(s) positioning, and evidence repository (product and competitors), to support existing contracting strategies
  • Best ROI strategies to modify existing evidence generation strategies and/or contracting models
  • Supports needs for alternative contracting models which align with Payer needs while supporting EvGen plans for execution & monitoring


How can CARVE™ help?

The CARVE™ tool helps a manufacturer manage alternative access contracts given market forces such as Payer evaluation of access renewal, competitive threats, generic/biosimilar availability, etc.

Global Pricing Strategy Development

MKTXS pricing services assist manufacturers in determining and optimizing their assets’ price using robust price elicitation techniques customized to the perceived assets’ value

  • MKTXS has successfully advised manufacturers on strategies minimizing/limiting price erosion, such as indication launch sequencing, and tiered pricing in an increasingly complex and value-based pricing landscape
  • Given recent trends, such as external price referencing, parallel trade, and increasing generic/biosimilar threats, MKTXS has provided price-optimizing roadmaps for use in the global marketplace

Our pricing expertise includes:

Price Waterfall

Indication-specific pricing

External / international reference pricing mitigation tactics

Innovative pricing/access strategies

Tiered pricing

Price segmentation strategies

Reimbursement and Payer Pathway Mapping

MKTXS can map reimbursement pathways to identify points of influence thus allowing for targeted approach to optimize price and access

Payer Pathway Mapping

MKTXS is proficient in mapping the payer and influencer pathway, especially for innovative therapies requiring new modes of administration

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